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Now Available: Carfax Connection!

For your convenience and at no extra charge, all maintenance and repair work will automatically be uploaded to Carfax. No longer will you need to save your receipts to prove records of maintenance. If you decide to sell your vehicle, just pull your Carfax report and its entire history will be included.

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Owner Matt Wright repairing a vehicle in the Springfield Virginia garage

Quality Repairs and Service Guaranteed

Affordable auto repair in Springfield done the WRIGHT way the first time. Let me start off by saying THANK YOU for viewing our site. At Wright's Complete Automotive we guarantee to be honest and fair and to do our very best to make 100% of our customers 100% satisfied.

Is your check engine or maintenance required light on? At Wright's Complete Automotive checking for codes in your vehicles computer system is only one of the many services we offer, and it's always free.

Let me explain the process a little better though. Pulling codes is usually just the beginning of the process. We pride ourselves on honesty and real upfront pricing to the best of our ability. We are going to tell you what most auto repair facilities don't until your vehicle is half way torn down. We own and know how to operate the latest state of the art scanner equipment to aid in diagnosing your vehicles check engine light. Unfortunately this tool very rarely tells us what is wrong. What it does do is give us a list of symptoms to work with. For example let's use the common cold; coughing, runny nose, weak feeling and a stuffed-up head mean you're body is sick or getting sick right? 

 With your vehicles computer system its a lot like this. However, its not always this easy to figure out what the problem really is. Through various forms of checking and testing the systems that go along with whatever code the system has stored which turned on your check engine light, we can then make a more intelligent decision as to what the actual cause of the problem is and give a more accurate quote as to the repair needed. 


Having over 30 years of experience in auto repair (mostly in the Lorton and Springfield area), there are a lot of times that I see the same symptoms over and over along with the same codes. This experience can reduce diagnostic time dramatically. However, replacing parts on a guess is not my method of spending your money. There are those times, when having experienced certain symptoms along with certain codes that charging extra for diagnostics is not necessary.

Your check engine light is your vehicles first line of defense. There are times when you may have more than one problem. If your check engine light comes on and you continue to drive your vehicle you will not know if the computer system see's another fault. The reason being is that you only have one check engine light, so when it is on already you cannot be alerted to a new problem. At Wright's Complete Automotive we want to keep it simple for you. We would love the opportunity to gain your trust and become your regular auto repair go to guy. So please, give us a call today, or stop in the Springfield shop and let's discuss whatever issue you may be experiencing. We are here for any and all of your automotive repair needs. 

Again, thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

- Matt Wright

Wrights Complete Automotive serves auto repair customers in Springfield, Lorton, Fairfax & Newington

Service, Value, and Integrity

  • Come to us for a variety of automotive services ranging from basic maintenance to heavy repair. 
  • With competitive rates and fast service, we’ll give you the best value for your time and money. 
  • We believe in integrity and treating our customers fairly because we want your business now, and far into the future. 

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Professional auto repair service at the right price. Serving Springfield, Lorton, Woodbridge and Fairfax VA. From oil changes and inspections to check engine lights, battery trouble and transmissions - we will take care of you and your vehicle. Check our reviews to hear from our 100% satisfied customers!

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